31st December marks a pivotal period in our national life. It is a day, which reminds Ghanaians of the period in our history, which eventually birthed the Fourth Republican Democracy.

On this day, I commend President Jerry John Rawlings, cadres of the revolution, members of the NDC and all Ghanaians for our collective sacrifices made towards our enduring democracy. Notwithstanding the fact that Ghana’s journey towards sustainable democracy witnessed regrettable and turbulent occurrences, the principles of probity, transparency and accountability were established and have endured almost four decades after.

Sadly, the recent upsurge in incidences of corruption and nepotism of historic proportions under the current administration, are a clear deviation from the revolutionary values for which people laid down their lives.

Consistent with the spirit of the 37th Anniversary of the 31st December Revolution, I urge President Akufo-Addo to give meaning to his pledge to fight corruption and nepotism by investigating and prosecuting the many allegations made against his appointees.

I wish all comrades a reflective and solemn anniversary.