Lordina and I, wish to congratulate and acknowledge all the hardworking women of Ghana for their immense sacrifices and contributions to the progress of our country.

On this auspicious day we salute all our women, those in our homes, on farms, on the coast, in our factories and workplaces hospitals and clasrooms. We are sure that the direct, positive impact of women as mothers, spouses or relatives on our lives is not lost on any of us.

As we celebrate this important day, we must collectively resolve to ensure that all of our women are able to realize their full potential, which would inure positively towards the sustained development of our nation. We can do this in many ways, including creating the enabling atmosphere for confidence building, appreciation of effort and in establishing the belief that all women can achieve their life goals in whatever field of endeavour they choose.

On International Women’s Day, we wish to draw special attention to two challenges confronting our women and girls. These issues are real and the first includes, poverty in the family, gender roles that do not favour them, child marriage, early drop out of school, early pregnancies, unfriendly learning and working environments and many others. These impediments can be removed by the entire society –men and women- coming together. This is achievable because most of the identified impediments have been created and sustained by society. Such is a proven path towards creating and sustaining peace and development.

The second is that despite the giant strides made in the fight for women’s rights, women’s participation in national politics still remains low at both the local and national level.

On this occasion, We wish to encourage more women to participate in politics at both the local and national level. Congratulations to us all on the International Women’s Day!

John and Lordina Dramani Mahama
Friday 8th March, 2019