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You & JM

You’re already a part of the river of change, a droplet of hope for those who forgot to hope. Tell us why you choose JM, and why do you want him to win the elections.

Why do you choose John Mahama?

People that have chosen John Mahama
I will choose John Mahama because of his honesty to Ghanaians, his massive infrastructure works in health and education and more to the point, his personal charisma.
Dramani Hudu
John Mahama is a 'man'. He's not the calibre that makes news out of all he does. He's a man of few words but intense understanding of what he says! He's good in communication. Even in his last regime, some of his appointees made some unpalatable statements but I saw him remedying these messes. With zero central bank financing, your legacies are real and devoid of propaganda.
Richmond Tamakloe
I think he's the best man to push Ghana forward
Desmond Amaglo