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My Vision

The world is changing and very fast. Ghana cannot continue to stay the same.

Ghana Needs Change! We Need Change! You Need Change!
I can tell you that the entire Ghanaian society is yearning for a Change for the Better, with the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

What we need right is a better #GlobalGhana, better #DigitalGhana, better #YoungGhana and a better #Ghana4Women.

As I have always done and in furtherance to my people-centred style of governance, I pledge that:
I will always hear your voice, and will always be your voice!

I will lead the change you yearn for!
I will deliver the needed change we are all waiting for!

I will restore Hope. I will fight with teeth and claws to make sure our lives get better.

John Dramani Mahama
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Former President John Dramani Mahama celebrated his 65th birthday on Wednesday with a visit to the Shai Osudoko District Hospital.  Mr Mahama donated badly-needed medical equipment, including two modern incubators, two phototherapy machines and four CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines in response to an urgent appeal from the Medical Director of the facility.  Mr Mahama also provided food and non-food items to the patients, nursing mothers, and hospital staff.  The medical staff expressed their appreciation for the equipment. Medical Director Dr. Kennedy T. C. Brightson noted that he was...

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